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West Virginia FCU
West Virginia FCU
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West Virginia Federal Credit Union Preferred Relationship Benefits Program

Membership account eligibility requirements include the following preferred relationship:

Preferred Relationship participation is not automatic. All members must qualify at time of service or product origination and maintain our preferred relationship for term of product or service. Change in eligibility status during the term of product or service may result in loss of future benefit (s) received. Benefit is not retroactive to existing loans, deposits or services. Future available benefits are subject to change without notice effective on the 1st day of each month.

Current Available Benefits include:


  1. $250 Discount on WVFCU mortgage loan origination costs.
  2. $ 50 Discount on WVFCU home equity loan origination costs.
  3. $ 50 Discount on WVFCU home equity line of credit loan origination costs.
  4. 0.25% interest rate reduction on any in-house non-real estate secured loan. An additional 0.10% interest rate reduction is available on any in-house non-real estate secured loan with an outstanding WVFCU mortgage or home equity loan.
  5. 0.25% interest rate reduction on WVFCU personal loan with an outstanding WVFCU secured loan.


  1. Additional 0.10% interest rate enhancement to initial CD rate offers.
  2. One overdraft fee waiver request per rolling twelve month period.

Other Products and Services:

  1. $10 Discount on annual safe deposit box rental.
  2. Discount on certain periodic promotional items such as theme park tickets, etc.

Members may qualify for any benefits listed above or the additional benefit listed below, but not both.

Additional Benefit: 


  1. 0.10% rate reduction on any non-real estate or non-LOC loans with payment set up on auto transfer or ACH. (no payment book will be ordered)
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