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Best Practices for Members to Prevent NSF's/Overdrafts - Click Here

Overdraft Protection / Courtesy Pay

Avoid the stress, embarrassment and unnecessary fees for returned checks! Never worry about overdrawing your Checking Account again. Overdraft protection provides the automatic coverage you need in the event you accidentally write a check and don’t have the funds to cover it. Stop by one of our locations and sign up! Two forms of Overdraft Protection are available:

Overdraft Protection from Shares

Overdraft Protection covers purchases and prevents returned checks and declined items if you don't have funds in the account.  Overdraft Protection links your WVFCU checking to your savings account.  It will automatically transfer funds in $100 increments from your Share (savings) account to your Checking account in the event you accidentally overdraw on your account. 

Courtesy Pay

West Virginia Federal Credit Union offers an overdraft privilege program that gives members an added level of protection against unanticipated cash flow, emergencies and account reconciliation errors. This useful service can help prevent inconvenience and potential embarrassment of declined transactions or returns.

After August 15, 2010 Regulation E regarding Electronic Fund Transfer Act prohibits the credit union from overdrawing your account and charging a Courtesy Pay fee for ATM transactions or one-time debit card transactions, unless you request to “Opt-In” to this service. If you choose not to Opt In, your transactions using an ATM or one-time debit card purchase will be declined when you have insufficient funds on deposit to cover the item. This will help avoid fees.  Please note that recurring debit card purchases, such as monthly membership fees that routinely draft your account using your debit card number, check or Bill Pay are excluded from this provision of Regulation E.  You have the option to opt in or out at any time.  (See our frequently asked questions regarding Reg. E)

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