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West Virginia FCU
West Virginia FCU
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WVFCU Fee Schedule

Fees are subject to change without notice

Effective 11/15/2020



Account Reconciliation $25.00 per hour (minimum one hour charge)
Account Research $25.00 per hour (minimum one hour charge)
Account Status Printout $1.00 per page
Address Change Notification No fee if notified by member, $3.00 if notified by U.S. Postal Service
Balance Requests & Checking Inquiries
by Phone
$2.00 per request or inquiry
Bill Pay NSF/Overdraft Fee - $32.00 plus Service Provider Fee - 1.5% of any unpaid amounts & collection costs
Courtesy Pay Fee - $32.00 plus Service Provider Fee of 1.5% of any unpaid amounts & collection costs if limit exceeded
Stop Payment - $32.00


Check Copy $5.00 per item
Check Printing Prices depend on style
Christmas Savings Account Withdrawal $5.00 per transaction
Collection Item (incoming) $40.00 per item
Counter Check Charge $0.50 per check (minimum of 4) 8 free for new accounts
Courtesy Pay Collection $15.00
Courtesy Pay NSF $32.00 per item
Credit Card - Foreign Cash Advance $10.00
Deposited Item Return (Personal) $25.00 per item
Deposited Item Return (2nd Party) $10.00 per item
Fresh Start Checking $4.99 monthly maintenance fee
Gold Checking $5.00 monthly maintenance fee if $500.00 minimum balance is not kept.
Fax Fee  $1.00 per page
Inactive Membership Fee $5.00 per month
no member initiated activity for 6 months will be assessed on share & share draft accts. having an aggregate deposit balance relationship of $100 or less in all share accts. Fee will be waived for members under 18 or having an open loan. *See Below
IRA: Roth/Traditional and/or CESA $25.00 if the account is closed, transferred or rolled over
Items Sent for Collection $15.00 per item
Legal Process $75.00 per occurrence
Loan Modification Fee $250.00
Regular Share Account Withdrawal
(Reg D)
6 free withdrawals per month, $2.00 for each additional withdrawal
Mobile Deposit Capture (MDC) Basic & Premier Levels are free up to approved limits, Fee Level:  $0.60 per item
Mobile Deposit Capture (MDC) Deposit Limit Exception Fee $0.60 per item
Money Market Account Withdrawal(Reg D) 6 free withdrawals per month, $2.00 for each additional withdrawal
M2M (Member-to-Member) Transfer Service FREE
Notary Service FREE
NSF for following: ACH, Popmoney ® Checking,VISA ATM/Check Card, Loan Payment $32.00 per item
Official Checks $2.00 (regardless of account)
Official Check Copy $5.00 per item
Overdraft Protection Transfer Fee from a WVFCU Account $5.00 per item
Partial Release on Deed Pledged as Collateral $50.00 plus any legal fees incurred
Payroll Check Cashing $5.00 (if member account is less than $100.00)
Processing of Subpoena, Levies & Garnishments $75.00 per occurrence
PSL over limit $10.00
P2P (Person-to-Person) Payment Service $.60 - $1.75 per transaction
Premium services available at varying costs as selected
NSF/Overdraft Fee - $32.00
Courtesy Pay Fee - $32.00
Stop Payment - $32.00
Photocopy Fee $1.00 per page
Reinstatement of Account $50.00
Reissue Lost/Stolen VISA ATM/Check Card $15.00
Statement Copy $1.00 per page
Stop Payment (Check or ACH) $32.00 per request
Subordination Agreement $50.00
Telephone Balance Inquiry (by Member Service Rep) $2.00
Telephone Transfers (by Member Service Rep) $2.00
Transfer of Account to Remove Joint Owner $15.00
Unidentifiable Check Fee $25.00 per check
VISA ATM/Check Card Charge Back $25.00
VISA International Service Agreement (ISA) 3%
Wire Transfer - Incoming to Federal Reserve $15.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing International $70.00
Wire Transfer - Outgoing Local $15.00
Safe Deposit Box Fees  
Annual Rental by Size  
3" x 5" $25.00
5" x 5" $30.00
3" x 10" $40.00
5" x 10" $50.00
10" x 10" $75.00
Changing of Lock $175.00
Drilling of Box (missing both keys) $250.00
Loss of (1) Key $110.00
Coin Fees  
$0.01 - $50.00 No Charge
$50.01 - $500.00 4% (Waived w/combined Deposit & Loan Balance Relationship of $10,000 or greater)
Over $500.00 4% (Discounted to 2% with an Active WVFCU Preferred Relationship)
Non-Members 8%

*Inactive Membership Fee continued: Accounts eligible for aggregated activity must be under the same membership number.

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