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West Virginia FCU
West Virginia FCU
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  • Int - Sandstone Falls - F
  • Int - Wolfe Creek NRG - W
  • Int - Green Bank Telescope - W
  • Int - Babcock Kayaker - F
  • Int - Deer at Pipestream - W
  • Int - Downtown Charleston - W


Will making payments at a chip-enabled terminal take longer?

Yes, the payment process will take a bit longer. Rather than swiping their debit or credit card, cardholders will insert their chip card into the card-enabled terminal and leave it there during the full transaction. That allows communication between the card, the terminal and the payment networks to verify the card and authorize the transaction. The cardholder will either sign their name or enter their PIN as necessary to complete the transaction, based on the cardholder verification method determined by the chip card and chip-enabled terminal.

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