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West Virginia FCU
West Virginia FCU
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  • Int - Deer at Pipestream - W
  • Int - Sandstone Falls - F
  • Int - Downtown Charleston - W
  • Int - Wolfe Creek NRG - W
  • Int - Babcock Kayaker - F
  • Int - Green Bank Telescope - W


Are there any other rules related to travel redemption?

Please view the Program terms and conditions of the program in order to view all travel rules and restrictions.

Fuel Redemption

  1. To redeem points at the pump or inside at the register, swipe your participating financial institution’s rewards card at a participating fuel retailer. If you have at least 2,000 points available, you will receive a message on the pump or at the register asking if you would like to use 2,000 rewards points to get $.50 off per gallon. The offer may also be presented while prepaying for fuel.
  2. Upon selecting “Yes”, the per gallon charge will be lowered by $.50. There is a maximum limit on the $.50 discount of 20 gallons (or $10.00 off) at each visit.
  3. Once pumping is complete, your receipt will show that you received a discount off the fuel purchase (specific wording may vary by location).
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