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West Virginia FCU
West Virginia FCU
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  • Int - Hawks Nest Overlook - Sm
  • Int - Babcock Boley Lake - Sp&Sm
  • Int - BRT 20 - Sm
  • Int - DS - 4 - Sp&Sm
  • Int - Meadow Sp&Sm
  • Int - Rehbein New River Bridge Day - Sm
  • Int - Harpers Ferry - Sm

Card Suite Lite

CardSuite Lite

Card Suite Lite™ is a mobile app that allows you to control how, when, and where your debit and/or credit cards are used. It is a simple and secure way to manage and monitor your payment transaction activity. Card Suite Lite can help keep your payment cards safe and provide instant notifications whenever your card is used.

Card Suite Lite™ Foundational Features:

  • Freeze/unfreeze (on/off) card
  • Transaction alerts
  • Enable/disable transaction types and merchant categories
  • Set general spend limits and location controls

New Features in Card Suite Lite™ include:

  • Contactless transaction controls
  • Overall spend limits (per transaction, daily, and monthly)
  • Spend limits per transaction type
  • Share card option with trusted contacts
  • Additional sub-category merchant types
  • One-Time Passcodes
  • Enriched merchant data including name and logo
  • User picture in app profile
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