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West Virginia FCU
West Virginia FCU
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  • Int - Babock Autumn - F
  • Int - Babcock Pan - F
  • Int - Country Roads - F
  • Int - Babcock Kayaker - F
  • Int - Grandview - F



Allied Bill Pay
Yes you can review, change, or cancel a payment at any time before it is processed. Payments...    [Read More]
You can set up "Reminders" and have the option to receive email...    [Read More]
You can set up "Reminders" on billers and have the option to receive...    [Read More]
Yes, you can choose how many days before the due date you want to receive them,...    [Read More]
This varies by the type of disbursement.  Check images are available online...    [Read More]
No.  In Bill Pay, only business days will show as available pay dates....    [Read More]
To stop a payment before your deliver by date, sign into your Online Bill Pay...    [Read More]
Yes.  You must be enrolled for Internet Banking before you can use for...    [Read More]
Thanks to the CheckFree Guarantee, you can be assured that your payments are...    [Read More]
From the Payment Center, locate the Company or Person for who you want to create...    [Read More]
Click the "Reminders" button for the payee you want to set...    [Read More]
Click on the "Reminders" button for the payee you want to stop...    [Read More]
To cancel automatic payments, also referred to as recurring payments, sign into...    [Read More]
Payments can be set up as much as 365 days in advance. Recurring payments...    [Read More]
When you schedule a payment, the payment calendar indicates the earliest available...    [Read More]
If your payee accepts electronic payments, in most cases the payment is made...    [Read More]
You will need to schedule your payment at least 1 business day before the payment...    [Read More]
Online Bill Pay is FREE.
Bill Pay uses several methods to ensure that your info is secure. SSL -...    [Read More]
We attempt to make all payments electronically, but some payees require paper...    [Read More]
To see if payments have been paid, select the "Activity" tab.  You...    [Read More]
No, not at this time.
If you are receiving an electronic version of your paper statement in your Online...    [Read More]
The payment type is determined automatically by our system.  One of the...    [Read More]
One-time payment - The payment date you specify is the date the payment will...    [Read More]
You an make payments to virtually anyone using our Allied Bill Pay system. Exceptions...    [Read More]
You can pay almost anyone in the United States:  national bank card companies,...    [Read More]
Yes, your payment history is available to view for up to 2 years.  You...    [Read More]

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