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West Virginia FCU
West Virginia FCU
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  • Int - Hawks Nest Overlook - Sm
  • Int - Rehbein New River Bridge Day - Sm
  • Int - DS - 4 - Sp&Sm
  • Int - Meadow Sp&Sm
  • Int - Babcock Boley Lake - Sp&Sm
  • Int - Harpers Ferry - Sm
  • Int - BRT 20 - Sm



My Rewards Plus
Yes, gift cards that are valued under $300 can be delivered to P.O. Box because...    [Read More]
There may be some additional fees in order to fulfill a travel reward. The online...    [Read More]
Please review the Program Terms and Conditions provided by your financial institution...    [Read More]
Please view the Program terms and conditions of the program in order to view...    [Read More]
Please call customer service for more information regarding our travel reservation...    [Read More]
Yes, when submitting your order, please enter the address within the "Ship...    [Read More]
Yes, when submitting your order, please enter the address within the "Ship...    [Read More]
You may only assign one 10-digit U.S. mobile number per household or accoun...    [Read More]
You may only assign one 10-digit U.S. mobile number per household or accoun...    [Read More]
The text or e-mail message is sent at the time of the qualifying purchase. You...    [Read More]
In most cases, you may cancel your order if the item was not customized and...    [Read More]
You can check the status of your order online by going to the "Order History"...    [Read More]
Points are awarded for qualifying purchases using your financial institution...    [Read More]
All airline ticket and hotel reservation redemptions can be made by clicking...    [Read More]
There are multiple ways you can order your reward; by phone or via the rewards...    [Read More]
Your current available points balance is listed in the top right corner of every...    [Read More]
eGiftCards are labeled with a green flag in the Gift cards reward category....    [Read More]
You can opt-out of texts at any time by going online to your reward program...    [Read More]
Complete your preference profile on our registration site, and respond to the...    [Read More]
Please allow the standard shipping time of 2-4 weeks to receive your order. ...    [Read More]
UPS usually delivers small packages, but larger items will be shipped by common...    [Read More]
Each card needs to have its own unique user name and password.
Gift cards should be treated as cash. Once they are received, if lost or stolen,...    [Read More]
Most manufacturers will accept your order confirmation as proof of purchase....    [Read More]
For your convenience, we generally have gift cards with smaller denominations...    [Read More]
If you ordered two or more items, do not be concerned if the first shipment...    [Read More]
You may only redeem against the most recent e-mail or text message received....    [Read More]
Please add noreply@vcdelivery.com and gc@vcdelivery.com to your safe senders...    [Read More]
Yes. If your transactions qualify to earn combined points under a program, the...    [Read More]
eGiftCards are gift card barcodes that can be used online or in-store at the...    [Read More]
All items come with the warranty provided by the manufacturer; those warranties...    [Read More]
If you already placed the order but the item is no longer available, we...    [Read More]
Pay with  Points is a new redemption method that lets you redeem points...    [Read More]
If your order is delivered by common carrier or freight line: Open the...    [Read More]
Gift cards do not expire. However, the expiration date on the prepaid Visa®...    [Read More]
You should receive a confirmation email from us immediately after placing your...    [Read More]
Please allow up to ten business days for your statement credit to appear.
We’ve added eGiftCards for some of our most popular merchants in an effort...    [Read More]
Certain categories of transaction, such as dining or gas stations may not receive...    [Read More]
Your eGiftCard code will be sent to you via email. After you receive a confirmation...    [Read More]
We will send you a redemption confirmation for your order(s) via email at the...    [Read More]
Occasionally the delivery service may need to contact you in order to complete...    [Read More]
Transactions begin to be collected when you first come to the rewards website...    [Read More]
The statement credit may be different from your final purchase amount if the...    [Read More]
No, shipping or handling fees only apply for merchandise being delivered outside...    [Read More]
If the transaction falls within your preferences and dollar threshold, and you...    [Read More]
Yes, you will receive notifications for qualifying transactions. Please consult...    [Read More]
If an international merchant transaction qualifies and is coded under a category...    [Read More]
Points expiration rules are available within the Program Terms and Conditions...    [Read More]

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